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A Journey Behind the Camera into the Real World of Brittney Guzman



Talking to Brittney Guzman began like a chat with an old girlfriend. It was lively, refreshing and vaguely familiar. What the conversation became though, was something I did not necessarily anticipate: an exchange of powerful and inspiring moments of women’s empowerment. As Guzman’s chuckles and confidence painted the tone of the evening, an air of vulnerability unveiled a portrait of a young woman who was wild, loving and true to herself.

And although staying true to oneself can sometimes lead to others misunderstanding you, Guzman is fearless, open-minded and ready to tackle both her goals and her obstacles head-on. More importantly, as a young woman who has cheered in high school and loves interacting with others and having a great time, she’s quick to remind us that she’s just “one of us.”  Oh, and she also has a huge sweet tooth!


How’d you break into the industry and why dance?

My parents are both little. They’ve been in the industry since they were 15. When I was about three or four years old, they never had a babysitter so they’d take me wherever they went. Sometimes when we’d go (for castings), they’d say ‘we want your daughter instead of you guys!’

I love dancing. It’s my passion and my hobby. It just lives in me. My dad is also a dancer. He brought me into it.


You’re really close with your dad right? What role did your father play in making you who you are today?

He played the role of being my motivator. He’d be the one to say,

“Never give up”, “don’t say no” and “just put your feet in the water and say you did it. I’m always going to be here, I’m always going to support you.”

So he’s basically like my backbone, my best friend.


Where and how’d you’d get the name Freakabritt? What does it mean?

I was in the library and Twitter had just come out. My friend told me I had to make one. So she made up names and just blurted out “Freakabritt” and I thought it was so cool, weird and such a fun name. After that I stuck with it, never changed it and it just became me.


You seem to bring a really big personality and good time to the camera. How would you say your personality plays a part in how people see you on camera and on stage?

(My personality) is the craziest, outgoing, laughing every second of my day, type. There’s no filter. While on stage, it helps me to not hold back and just give my 100 percent in everything.


You were the youngest cast member on Little Women LA. How do you feel that affected your portrayal on camera?

It portrayed me to be young, stupid and like I didn’t know anything. I had to be fake, I had to start drama and I had to be someone I wasn’t. So I didn’t like it…I wasn’t really portrayed as myself. They really closed me off on that show. They needed spunk and something fresh.


How did being a part of Little Women’s LA personally affect you? What lessons did you learn and how has it helped you grow?

It made me learn to never sell myself out; to always stay true to yourself and not let anyone change you. I learned to be who you are no matter what and if someone doesn’t like it, then hey, that’s not for you. Reality shows can ruin you, so you can’t let that hurt or change you because it’s not who you are. I believe in always sticking to who you are and abide by that.

Some people looked at it like, “the money is good so you should just stay.” Money can’t bring you all the happiness in the world, it can bring you some but you can’t stick by that. You have to do it for yourself and be happy everyday within yourself.


What’s one word you would use to describe yourself?

Spontaneous. There’s always something going on with me that’s never the same. I try to change it up. I try to not be in all of the trends but to set my own trends and to be my own person.


How important is it to you that you get the best representation of yourself and your journey?

It’s important because I want people to see that I’m not a person that acts like a “celeb” or the richest person in the world; I’m just Brittney from Covina conquering dreams that I have and out trying new things. I don’t want to be seen as too cool or too good, I want to be portrayed as who I am. I’m 23-years-old and I have a long journey ahead of me.


From your involvement with Boys and Girls Club to Manifest Your Destiny Foundation, you seem passionate about giving back. How important is that for you?

I love to give back because not everybody can do everything you can; so for the people that can’t, I would like to bring joy to their faces and do everything to bring happiness to the next person.


I also saw on Twitter you mentioning you wanted to meet Leah Still. Does Leah inspire you in any way? Why? 

OMG, she inspires me to be the strongest woman. Every time I see her I cry, I would just love to meet her. I love her energy and how strong she is. She’s so young but she brings light and happiness to everyone and she doesn’t even know that she’s doing it because she’s so young.


How do you want people to see you in the next 20 years? In other words, how do you want to be known or remembered?

I want to be known as the Brittney who never changed who she was. She was always so humble and never was to good for anything. I want to be known as someone who was true to herself.


Now signing off with the reminder: Don’t wait for the world to recognize your greatness, live it and let the world catch up to you.


Tamara Shanice is an actress, writer, lyricist and fashionable hustler who takes pride in entertaining and educating through her art. She's a wandering spirit who loves to travel the world and marvel at the works of God's paintbrush.


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