Amazing Signs from the Women’s March

On Saturday, January 21, 2017 history was made. What was initially supposed to be just a march in Washington D.C., turned out to be the biggest inaugural protest taking place all over the world. Millions of people united together to voice their concerns towards the new president of the United States and his administration. Want to know what I find even more enlightening? It was mainly ran by woman! Okay, that may have been a little biased but let me tell you, although I’ve always loved being a woman – I have never felt MORE PROUD to be a woman than I did on January 21, 2017. To the team at Women’s March, you did THAT.


Below are a few of my favorite signs from the marches:

“It’s the lack of empathy that makes it very easy for us to plunge into wars” – Barack Obama

#womensmarch #trump #newyorktimes

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The one sign that reminded you a “like a girl” is no longer an insult:

#womensmarch 🌈👸🏽💓 we run the world

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Those two signs that in few words meant so much:

Right, dude. Geez. #womenmobilizenc #raleigh #womensmarch

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Those two signs that showed the true meaning of solidarity:

#Dallas #womensmarch [📷 cred: @tigralala]

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From yesterday’s march. #sistersofthenorth #womensmarch #womensmarch2017

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The one sign we are grateful to have been a part of the crowd:


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And those signs held by our future leaders:

Preach 🙌 #womensmarch

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SAME YO @travon #womensmarch

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Finally, the sign that gives us a reminder of what’s to be done regardless of any obstacles that are thrown our way:

#womensmarch part deux // #stillwerise

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Can we all agree the Women’s March surely was an empowering event to be alive for and witness?

Click here to learn more about the mission and vision of Women’s March on Washington.

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