Are You Following Emmelie De La Cruz on Social Media Yet?

It’s that time of the month when the excitement from your New Year’s resolutions may tend to die down and you begin to tell yourself,

Okay, okay starting next month I’ll be on top of __________ and I’m serious this time!

In all honesty, everything is a mental game. Regardless of how big or small your goals may be, it is up to you to decide whether they will be obtainable or not. With that being said, it is extremely important to understand everything and everyone you surround yourself with have a role in helping you get to where you need to be. Or will have a role in keeping you exactly where you are.


Your friends in real life, are they motivating you to be great or do they influence you to just to waste time and be unproductive? What about your “friends” online? What type of people are you following? What are you seeing on your newsfeed? Do their postings excite you and motivate you to get your life together? Or are you just getting the latest tea (not just detox) on your feed along with a bunch of other worthless content?

I may not be able to help you on the real-life friends aspect but I can definitely assist you with adding some refreshing content on your feed. I’ll dedicate posts to guide you to great (in my opinion) influential people you should be following. Today, we’ll begin with Emmelie De La Cruz. This “data-obsessed digital marketer + personal branding mentor” is always spitting out gem after gem and also provides you with a lot of useful material that can help you glow up in your personal and business goals.

For example:


If those tweets aren’t enough to convince you to hit the “follow” button, maybe some of her plug tweets with products she’s designed will. Every product she puts out there is carefully crafted and designed to help you turn your passion into profit.

For example:


Now what are you waiting for? Get with it and have her bless your feed.

Instagram: @emmeliedelacruz

Twitter: @emmeliedelacruz


YouTube: Emmelie De La Cruz


You’re welcome bae.


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