Beyonce Q&A: “I just want my legacy to inspire people”

Last night in New York, Beyonce hosted an inspirational Q&A session before the screening of her self-titled visual album, Beyonce. This is the first time she’s spoken to press and fans in regards to her album since its secret release on iTunes.

My favorite answer of the night:

“My goal was not picking a number one single, my goal was putting together a body of work and I just wanted to know if people cared about music because honestly I was at a point where I felt like everything it feels the same and what I said in “Ghost,” “All this sh*t I do is boring,” that’s how I felt and if I could not challenge that, then maybe it was time for me to do something else or develop more artists, which is something I want to do, but growth and I just hope that I continue to move forward and challenge myself and I think now that I’ve become a mother, I just want my legacy to inspire people and I guess that’s the biggest goal is having happiness and knowing that when people come to my shows, they can escape all of the madness and leave there feeling like there’s hope.”

There’s no denying that with the whole concept behind this album, she has without a doubt installed a fuel inside of me that makes me feel of royalty. Makes me feel powerful. Makes me feel as though if I really wanted something, with hard work and determination, I can accomplish it. I don’t really stan over any celebrities, but I do admire and appreciate those that work hard. This album has made me view Beyonce in a whole new perspective, a perspective that’s only inspired me to work harder. For that, I thank you Bey.

Check out full Q&A session here

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Now signing off with the reminder: Don’t wait for the world to recognize your greatness, live it and let the world catch up to you.


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