Community Events: Seven Year Gala presented by Motivos magazine and Tremendos Dancers

I’ve been wanting to start a section in which I cover community empowerment related events for a while now. I couldn’t have thought of a better event to cover than that of Motivos magazine and Tremendos Dancers 7th year gala. 

A little information on both programs:

Motivos magazine is a quarterly educational and motivational magazine founded in Philadelphia with 75,000 readers hailing from 24 states, Puerto Rico, Panama, and Colombia. It’s sections on Culture, Life, College, and Careers empower young adults with stories of courage and resources to develop purpose-driven action plans for their future. The content is written in English and Spanish and youth participants are mentored in the very making of the magazine. In addition to producing the print magazine, Motivos conducts summer media institutes for school districts and youth-serving organizations as well as international cultural exchanges. Motivos youth participants have gone on to work for NBC Peacock Studios in NYC and Hearst Publications in Shanghai China.

Tremendos Dancers is an after-school dance program founded by a sixth grader that has grown to include dance 
classes for all ages, regardless of experience or ability. The mission of

Tremendos is to keep youth involved and 
engaged after school while helping them develop poise and self-confidence and explore their cultural roots through dance. The group enjoys traveling to perform at quinceñeras, weddings, birthday parties and conferences.

Maria del Pilar from La Mega radio station was the emcee and there was live music along with dance performances throughout the night. Just looking around and seeing that sparkle in all the youths eyes that took part of this event was fulfilling in itself. I have nothing but admiration for both founders, Jenee and Luis for the change and contribution they’ve added to their surrounding communities. 

These programs are offered to any youth in the community and through regular meetings, local and national workshops, presentations and performances – these programs EMPOWERS youth by giving them a VOICE and SPOTLIGHT to do what they love and to gain real world experience along the way. I am not only inspired by but also look up to the positive work and mentor like programs these two organizations have done for the youths within our city. I only hope I can change as many lives as they have since they’ve first launched their programs.

Jenée A. Chizick – Founder & Publisher Motivos Magazine


“Many magazines encourage youth to dream about materialistic things and be overly-concerned with appearances. Not Motivos. It celebrates diversity among cultures and shows us we are special for who we are.” ~Morgan Hugo, former Motivos magazine intern.

Along with the performances, the night recognized various leaders within the Philadelphia community by sharing their stories (surprised and honored they included me in their itinerary!) and giving them an award to congratulate them in their contributions to the community.  

I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Motivos and Tremendos dancers and to be able to witness both youth and staff to continue to flourish in life. 

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Now signing off with the reminder: Don’t wait for the world to recognize your greatness, live it and let the world catch up to you.


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