Delilah & Co Will Be Covering Backstage Press for Jay-Z’s Made In America Festival!!

At approximately 3:51 pm on August 23, 2013 I received what I believe will the beginning to a new beginning email. I had applied over a month ago for a request to get a press pass for Delilah and Company to be able to interview artists during the Made In America Festival….. & I was approved!

Now a little background information: since the first press release that was sent out confirming the date for the Made In America Festival to be held again in Philadelphia I said to myself “I don’t know how, but some how some way I WILL be at that event working backstage”. For close to two months I went back and forth from the website, to their Facebook, their twitter, even their Google Plus page looking for any information requesting volunteers for the event. I even commented on all social media realms asking where do I go to apply to volunteer for the event and it was all a dead end.

I couldn’t figure out what to do to make this happen but refused to give up. I then decided to contact a friend of mine that I came across during this journey of starting Delilah and Company. I knew she’d be able to offer advice because she’s a reporter for Variety Magazine and has an extensive resume working red carpet events for major networks such as VH1, BET, MTV etc. Asked her for some tips and advice to go about gaining a volunteer position. She actually did something even better, she gave me an application to do press for Delilah and Company for the event.

I was ecstatic! The fact that she even looked out for me and gave me access to the application was more than I could ever ask for. Grant it yes I was a little hesitant, being that I just started D&C and although I have a strong following, I don’t have a LARGE following and didn’t know whether it would be enough. I was honest in my application and explained to them my vision for D&C and what I would do with the artist interviews. After sending the application all doubt left me and I was filled with immediate appreciation. Appreciative that my friend believed in me enough to get me to apply for a press pass and even more grateful that I had the opportunity to send in an application.

All it took was faith in myself and honesty and I guess that’s what gave the producers faith in me to actually give me a pass for this event. They gave me backstage access for not just one but both days of the festival to cover artists interviews. ALSDHGLASHGLDSGLSDGSDLGHSDLHGSDLGHSDIGSDIFJSDLFKSDGLHS!!

It’s not even the fact that I’ll be around celebrities all day that I’m excited about, it’s the fact that someone on the other side believes in me and my mission for Delilah and Company to grant me access to this (but yes being around celebrities all day will be cool haha).

This is a perfect example that to get by in this industry, what matters most is who you know not what you know. I would have never had this opportunity if I didn’t make a good enough impression on Shaniece in regards to my brand and my character in general. That’s why I firmly believe to network yourself properly and just believe in yourself enough so that others may see the same fire inside of you that you see inside yourself. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and meet new people, you never know what they may have to offer you.

Well guys, make sure you follow @Delilahandco on both Instagram and Twitter because I will be live tweeting/uploading photos via backstage at the Made In America Festival!! Stay tuned <3

Line up for festival:


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