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Delilah & Company Presents: #VibeWithUs


Calling all visionaries. We are inviting you to come Vibe With Us in the ultimate empowerment event.

Event Highlights

  • Live Musical Performances
  • Yummy Traditional Philadelphia Foods
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Scholarship Recipient will be awarded
  • Finally be introduced to Delilah & Company’s vision and understand the meaning behind #OccupyingYourMindset


About Delilah

Just some jawn trying to bring her visions to life.


About Delilah & Company

We are a digital content and events agency that pushes positive messages from entertainers to the public. Understanding the power celebrities may have with their platforms, we utilize our networks within the entertainment industry to help mentally build a better community. We do this by releasing a series of content or events that leaves everyone understanding the power they have when they take control of their mindset.



What does my ticket include?

Access to:



Live Entertainment

Relationship building

Overall, a good time. 🙂

P.S. $5 from every ticket sold will be added onto our scholarship for next year

Do I have to print my ticket for the event?

We try to do our best for Momma Earth, save the paper we’ll have your names at the door.

Dress Code:

If you’re at your best wearing a tailored suit then you wear that suit! If you’re at your best in a baseball cap and oversized jean jacket, then you wear that jacket! Dress in whatever will make you comfortable to be yourself 100% What you wear doesn’t matter, it’s your mind we’re interested in.

Age Requirement:

18 to enter, 21+ for happy juice

Media Coverage:

If you are interested in doing press for this event, you may email squad@delilahandcompany.com


Click here to purchase your tickets


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