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Exclusive Interview w/ DJ Jazzy Jeff: From Boycotting the Grammys to Traveling the World for the Love of Music



Interview & Photo by: @arurianshire


Jeffrey Allen Townes will forever be solidified in the hearts of millennials as Jazz from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Between his endearing friendship with Will and being ceremoniously thrown out of Uncle Will’s home, Jazz has brought us classic television moments of joy and introspection. But before we knew him as Jazz, he was DJ Jazzy Jeff turning up block parties and pushing the Grammys to revere hip-hop as a serious genre. With the last of Summertime still with us, I was able to sit with the seasoned DJ.


Jones: Now that you’re a seasoned vet, you’ve seen a lot of styles in hip-hop come and go and you’ve been able to work with younger rappers such as Mac Miller & Shad, in your opinion, as you’ve seen trends in hip-hop come and go, do you think hip-hop is headed towards a good place or it’s just recycling the same things over and over?

Jeff: I think it’s headed in a good place. People tend to harbor on the negative aspects of hip-hop. There was negative stuff in the 80’s, negative stuff in the 90’s, so people will look for an issue if they can. The appeal of this work is incredible. Coming from where I came from, to witness the global reach of hip-hop is a blessing. Back in the day, Will and I boycotted the Grammys because they didn’t want to have a hip-hop award section. Now it’s almost all hip-hop. It just shows you how far we’ve come and how much we still have to do.


Jones: Talk to me about Vinyl Destination.

Jeff: I do about 160 dates a year globally and the project is to show viewers how big the world is and how small it is at the same time. You know, everyone likes to party and everyone likes to have a good time. Even if we don’t speak the same language we all speak the same language in music.

Jones: Would you and Will ever work together again to do a hip-hop single or an album?

Jeff: Listen, we’ve been talking about it and working it out, it’s just the scheduling is all. It’s more so his schedule than mine. As soon as we can clear the time up, it’s a go. He really, really wants to do it.



Jones: You’re definitely a jack of all trades. You’ve been a hip-hop artist, DJ, and an actor. Do you wish you had gotten more into acting and would you ever do it again in a more formal capacity in the same way you did with The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?

Jeff: I don’t know if I would do it again, but I don’t think I would ever say no. My passion has always been music and that’s probably why I’ve only dabbled in acting. I am very happy with the direction I took in music, so right now might not be the time for me to attempt to do anything in acting.



Drake Releases Most Important Project of His Career



Today Drake released the visual for his song, “God’s Plan”. In this video, it showcases Drake giving back to communities, schools & even families in more ways than one. Whether it was signing checks for scholarships, paying for grocery bills or just handing stacks of cash to families, the 6 God decided to use the million dollar budget given for the video to instead, give it all away. 

It’s empowering to see celebrities use their platforms for good and to give back to those in need.

Drake, in case no one has told you yet – you’re doing amazing sweetie.

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LaRoyce Hawkins #BEPOWERFUL Movement + LET’S GRO Series



Before LaRoyce Hawkins took over the stage in Punchline Philly, he sat down with us to talk about his #BEPOWERFUL & Let’s Gro movement.

An initiative that originally started with powerful letters his grandfather used to send him while he was a college student. Each letter his grandfather wrote, the message of being a resilient leader was the main takeaway. Years later, these letters were used as an inspiration to start the #BEPOWERFUL movement.

When Hawkin’s isn’t on set filming for his hit show, Chicago PD or on tour for his popular Let’s Gro series, he is going out into the communities in order to pay it forward.

“I’m just here to be a vessel, I’m here to be an instrument”

Check out our full interview below!

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Darius Coleman Talks Sundown, Importance of Family + Rules to Success



Before Darius Coleman takes over the music industry, he sat down with our team to give viewers a little inside scoop on who exactly is Darius Coleman.

Darius Coleman is a man who loves music, loves fashion and most importantly, loves his family.

“The biggest inspiration for why I do what I do, is because of my family”

He’s always had a deep sense of admiration for his family and admired their strong work ethic he witnessed growing up. The sense of gratitude he has towards each of them is a driving force as to why he’s so passionate about succeeding in his career. It’s his way of giving back and providing for them.

Darius just recently released his first single, “Sundown” which was written during a life-changing trip to LA. Soon after the release of Sundown, with little to no budget, he filmed his very first music video for the single. Even though he was pretty much just working with a dollar and a dream, he promises that the visuals will be like none other you’ve ever seen before.


A committed individual he is and because of his relentlessness paired with his burning desire to succeed, it is without a doubt that he will become extremely successful in his career – while also remaining well grounded. This is all just the beginning for Darius Coleman, and we here at Delilah & Company are proud to support and witness him take over the ears and hearts of everyone.


Check out our full interview here:


You can follow Darius’s journey through his socials below:

Instagram: @dariuscolemanmusic

Twitter: @dariuscoleman_


Sundown is available on all major music platforms. Listen to it today!

Sooooo excited to share #SunDown is now out officially on all major music platforms including @spotify! Listen Now! #DcTakeOver

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