Five Reasons Why Your Vote Matters

We post and repost rants of sentimental value so that the world can understand our ideology and idiosyncratic experiences.

We share, like and favorite photos from a diverse array of people that span all around the world.

We commune on Twitter in the form of hashtags to promote businesses, influence people and defend causes that are important to us.

Our generation is the most tolerant, yet unapologetically outspoken. The most risk-taking, yet socially strategic. We’re selfishly ambitious, yet we care about the well-being of our communities.



We are the most pliable and open to change. But change can’t all go down in the DM.

That’s why it’s also important to go out and get out of our comfort zones to make change happen. There’s never a more important time to channel our enterprising energy for change than during election season.

Our voices matter. So much so that companies have changed longstanding business models to accommodate the demands of our culture.

The same impact we have on those kinds of decision makers could and should be the same impact we have on the policymakers. Otherwise, the issues that matter most to us, such as college tuition or social injustice, won’t be at the forefront of America’s agenda.

To further underline the significance of your voice being heard and why it matters, here are 5 reasons why you should be go out and vote during election season:

  1. You have power. Use it – Let’s admit this as a unit now. Millennials love power. We love taking control of our own lives. Why risk losing control of your future with a regressive mindset that says your vote doesn’t really count? To set the record straight, your vote is extremely significant. Sometimes during an election, the youth vote ends up making the difference. Such is the case with U.S. Representative, Joe Courtney, and President Barack Obama in his 2008 election.
  2. If it isn’t a priority for you, why should it be for them? – Let’s be honest. A politician may care about a number of things, but they are only going to primarily act on the issues their voters care about. It’s how they build loyalty and it’s how they build trust. So those paid internships and good paying jobs you expect to have during college and after graduation may not be a priority for them. And in our current economic state, it should be.
  3. The Future is in Your Hands – Imagine the type of world you plan to be in with or without kids. A dream is just a goal without a plan. Acting on how our government operates now will impact the dreams of your future and the future dreams of your children.
  4. Honor the Past – In 2016, we are the most free and liberal than we’ve ever been in this country. But my goodness, do we even dare forget exactly how we got here? The wars, the battles, the lost lives, the discrimination/prejudice, the Civil Rights Movement, the Feminist Movements, the LGBT movements….need I go on? So many of our ancestors and distant relatives have endured suffering that we can’t even begin to imagine, died and have made sacrifices to get us where we are today. If you have any awareness of this, you know how important it is for us to exercise our privileged right to vote.
  5. We Have the Most at Stake – Realistically speaking, the election should matter more to us than any other age demographic in America. Everything that happens now affects the very tomorrow we are planning for. Being able to afford our first home, pay student loans or even secure an apartment at an affordable price can all be determined by government regulation or lack thereof.

Although there are people who doubt our ability to all come together and really make a difference outside of our social spheres, we’ve proven time and time again that when it comes to the issues we care about, we’re a force to be reckoned with.

Not everyone is blessed with a voice. Take advantage of yours by voting.




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