Goals into Fruition: My BET Experience x Awards 2014 RECAP

Figuring out what you were put on this Earth to do and doing something crazy like actually believing and going for it is one of the greatest things someone can achieve. The day was June 24, 2013, it was a few months after launching and few days after having our first major event “A Salute to Fashion“. I was filled with an array of emotions because I was packing bags to move to New York for the summer in hopes to help build the brand of D&C. Fast forward to the very same day, exactly one year later – I’m packing bags yet again but this time to go to Los Angeles for the 2014 BET Awards. My media outlet was recognized as credible enough to be given Press Access to cover the BET Experience. Whoa, right? 
To some this may not seem like much but to me this was a huge milestone. Why? Because I have applied numerous times to various events BET hosted through the year and I was denied media access each time. Even when denied, I would send emails to the lead PR people asking what did I do wrong in the application so I may improve my chances in the next one. Still, no response. Did I let that stop me? No. I kept working on the D&C brand as a whole in the midst of still applying for opportunities to work with major network events. Little did I know that not only will I finally get access to a BET event, it was access to their #1 event of the year! 
I already knew I was going to be at the award show because of a close friend. She went above and beyond and utilized her networks to get me an opportunity to work the red carpet as a VIP Escort. After I received confirmation that I would be working the red carpet, with a little push from my same friend I figured what would I have to lose if I applied to do media too? I honestly applied for the heck of it, I didn’t think I’d get it because I knew this was their #1 event of the year, so one could only imagine just how many media requests they had to go through. Plus I was already excited and grateful that I was going to be working the red carpet and get to personally socialize with the VIP personas. It was a few days before my departure date that I received the email:



Your credential request has been APPROVED to cover the BET EXPERIENCE at L.A. LIVE 2014. Events begin Friday, June 27, 2014 at the L.A. LIVE Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA….. “
Once again…Whoa! Right?
I knew this trip was going to be a great one. I was going to be working both for BET PR and most importantly, for myself – for Delilah & Company! So while originally only plans I had that were confirmed were just to attend the red carpet production meeting and the red carpet itself – within a matter of an email, my entire weekend just got booked with back to back events to attend. Blessing isn’t even the word. 
From the time I stepped off the plane, I was running around all of LA like a headless chicken from early morning to late at night. Although I couldn’t afford to bring a cameraman with me to get on site interviews to be able to post up for you guys, it was still an experience in itself. I was around well known and respected people of the industry both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. Everyone from Kerry Washington, Kevin Hart, Terrence J, Simmons Family, Zendaya, Debra Lee; to name a few. I got to network with major publicist, managers, even some of your favorite celebrities. I got to speak and socialize with the amazing team members that handle both PR and Media for BET Networks and even made a few friends. Remember, before I couldn’t even get access to their smaller events but here I was talking to the people that run these events and letting them know who Delilah was! Goes to show that with persistence and hard work – a n y t h i n g is possible 


w/ Keri Hilson, Eva Marcille & Naturi Naughton
This, to say the least has been a huge milestone for me and it only confirmed that if I’m crazy enough to pursue a dream, it might just become a reality. I definitely learned a lot from this entire experience that will better prepare me for future opportunities. It’s all a learning process. As always, continue to dream on guys, but also make sure that those dreams don’t remain dreams. You and only you have the power to turn ideas into fruition. It’s okay to have doors shut in your face, let that motivate you to work not only harder but smarter. If no one has ever told you before… I believe in you. Now, it’s time to believe in yourself. 
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Now signing off with the reminder: Don’t wait for the world to recognize your greatness, live it and let the world catch up to you.

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