Here’s Why YESJULZ Agency is Ultimate Squad Goals

Travis Scott. Lebron James. Beats by Dre. Art Basel. RevoltTV. Hashtag Lunchbag? Do you know what all of these have in common? They all have a precious marketing jewel by their side, whose name happens to be Julz!


At age 25, YesJulz runs a very successful entertainment, marketing and events agency that bridges the gap between cool and conscious. Whether it’s creating a viral marketing campaign, putting together a series of the hottest events with the hottest celebrities or giving back to the community, YESJULZ and her girls of YESJULZ Agency are ready to give you an experience like no other.

Here’s our top reasons why YESJULZ Agency is ultimate squad goals:

  1. YesJulz noticed there was a trend of girls wanting the “good life” with expensive items/vacations but never wanting to ‘work’ for all that they received. She wanted to change that mantra by showing it’s okay to be more than a trophy girl/wife and to WANT to put in work to become a #GIRLBOSS. There’s nothing more satisfying than hustling for everything you have. Soon enough the term #NEVERNOTWORKING was created. A term that her and her team live by 24/7
  2. Through their #HashtagLunchbagMiami project, they put on their philanthropic hats to help impact the lives of the youths in their local communities. Something that started off as just feeding underprivileged kids has now turned into a huge event (cause any event the agency touches always has to be big!) where bounce houses, free giveaways, and some of your favorite celebrities come to bring the best day ever for the kiddos.
  3. Though they’re changing lives during the day, once the sun comes down it’s a whole new direction of vibes that will take place. They take off their philanthropic hats and put on their night time clothes to run some of the hottest parties/events Miami (or whatever city they’re currently occupying) has ever witnessed.
  4. Their support of one another. Not only are they here to help and congratulate YesJulz on climbing her ladder of success they continue to applaud and support one another. Whether it’s showcasing one’s modeling career (we see you Imani) or another’s music management company (Momma Cash) or just helping build the brand of a local blogger (The Blair List), these girls are always there to help take each others brands up another level.
  5. Their use of social media. YesJulz and her crew use Snapchat and Viber as a reality show format to showcase their everyday lives. While others may be intimidated to share their lows on their way to success, YesJulz isn’t. Because she runs an all girl agency she knew prior there will be times where head butting will happen. If you follow her both on snap and their viber chats you’ll sometimes witness tensions unfold. Just like any real family out there, soon enough they quickly resolve their issues and just keep pushing forward.



Their Snapchats and Viber chats will especially fuel those of you with the entrepreneurial spirits to get up and work even harder to witness your dreams come to life. If you don’t have an entrepreneurial spirit and just want to look at pretty girls, that’s cool too. They definitely have that covered for you 🙂


Follow YesJulz and her Queens below:

Snapchat: yesjulz and yesjulzagency

Twitter: YesJulz and yesjulzagency 

Instagram: yesjulz and yesjulzagency

Viber Public Chat: YesJulz

Now signing off with the reminder: Don’t wait for the world to recognize your greatness, live it and let the world catch up to you.


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