How to Teach Your Mind to Jump

Jumping. Leaping. Skipping. Chasing.

What do all of these actions have in common? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not tripping. And I dare you to even murmur that it’s falling.

Well, sure, tripping and falling are possibilities.

But the most consistent factor anytime we physically exert ourselves to do any of those actions is the feeling of trust.

Because when we jump, we trust that we’re physically equipped to properly land.

And even if we fall, we’ve conditioned ourselves to believe that still, jumping is OK, because we trust that our bodies are strong enough to get back up.

We trust the power of the human body to jump, leap, skip and chase without much ado.

So why do we doubt, so much, the power of our minds when it’s time to mentally exert ourselves to do those same actions?

It’s because we aren’t taking the proper time to establish trust with our minds. Sounds daunting, but I’m here to let you know that you’re built for this (because minds like to leap too).

The first step is recognizing its power. The mind is powerful.

Remember the boogeyman? Remember how the older you got, the smaller he became and how eventually he disappeared? That’s because your mind created him. It got rid of him too.

But of course, the boogeyman got smarter. He takes different forms now. The boogeyman is doubt. He’s procrastination. He’s resistance. He’s fear. He’s the force holding you back from chasing your dreams and leaping from one life’s gap to the next. The boogeyman is as present in your mind as you allow him to be.

Once you recognize that, you must take additional steps to tame your mind. Again, it’s very powerful. If you don’t it’ll run wild and injure itself to the point of self-defeat.

And you, honey, are a winner. Defeat doesn’t look good on you.

So how do we tame our minds to get us comfortable enough to jump? To take risks? To make drastic decisions and life changes?

The second step would be to feed it. We must nourish our minds with positive thoughts. The thoughts must be consistent and intentional. They must be focused and related to your heart’s desires. Surrounding yourself with positive people and experiences related to your goals is a great place to start this.


The next step would be to maintain it. To maintain the health of our mind and properly build the trust to follow through with our life’s desires and wishes, we must be sure to pay attention to our thoughts and any outside influences. We must scrutinize our thought patterns and be sure to cut off any weeds aka negativity sprouting in the process.

And lastly, once your mind is in a strong and healthy place, you just do it. You take the jump.

Your mind would never tell you that you could do something if you couldn’t. Because it knows that even if you fall, it has the power to pick you back up even stronger than before.



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