Inaugural #IAMABRAND Workshop held in Philadelphia

This past weekend public relations connoisseur, Savannah Britt held her very first #IAMABRAND workshop with graphic designer, Frank Saint.

This event was created to educate attendees on brand development. Everything from how to define it, identifying target niche and effective marketing strategies. Savannah pointed out how everyone should pay attention to consumer to brand relationships. It is vital the ways in which brands promote and brand themselves through social media and graphic designs are growing and changing every day. Brands must connect with their audience effectively in order to obtain brand loyalty. Understanding that YOU are your brand and that you represent that brand everywhere you go are just one of many teachings from the #IAMABRAND workshop.

Personal Favorite Topic of the Workshop:

The infamous – Hotline Bling Video

Savannah used Drake’s video to show attendees how to effectively execute a marketing campaign that reaches the audience intended. Guess who was Drake’s intended audience for this video?


According to Savannah, here’s a few ways at how he succeeded at this

The beginning of the video:

Attractive women sitting in cubicles making phone calls, hence, the “hotline”. This appeals to men, because it’s common sense that men love pretty women.

The dancing in the video:

Drake was seen dancing like a “dad” if you will, appealing to families and allowing it to be seen by children. There are no provocative elements involved. He structured the video to make it fun, with bright colors, a cha cha beat, and also made it available for internet guru’s to create fun Instagram memes.

He successfully reached all demographics by the use of this music video.

Savannah wrapped up the workshop stressing the importance of networking.

“It’s important to connect with others and network, because as we are all still learning ourselves we can learn from each other.”

For more information on the next #IAMABRAND workshop, be sure to follow Savannah on Instagram: sav_britt.




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