#inpiMUSICMONDAYS – Alessia Cara


19 year old Alessia Cara continues to create powerful and motivational lyrics that is relatable to just about anyone that takes a listen. Cara has that type of music that can instantly touch your heart and challenge your mind at the same time. She uses her authentic lyricism and captivating voice to build a platform that continues to draw in fans in such a positive way.

In a generation where women constantly feel the pressure to look photoshopped in real life, the lyrics to her song “Scars To Your Beautiful” can hopefully shed light on the power of self-love. In this song, Cara shares the story of a girl willing to do anything to “fit in”. Wanting to be sculpted, have a painted face and willing to starve herself in the name of beauty. Sadly, in today’s society that girl in the song is more than a handful of all girls today. 

The message in this song tells listeners that girls should not try to fit in with society’s rigid beauty standards. Please understand the importance of appreciating YOUR beauty.  You are beautiful as you are, it just takes time to recognize and accept all of you but it’s doable! Everyone shines and is beautiful in their own way and everyone else in society should change their views on beauty and accept people how they were crafted to be. Don’t overlook your inner beauty and allow others to criticize or “scar” you with their words and also, accept your flaws, they are a part of what make you unique.

Again … YOU … ARE.. BEAUTIFUL. <3


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