#inspiMUSICMONDAYS – Foreign Exchange



Musical collaboration, Foreign Exchange is made up of singer and emcee Phonte Coleman and producer Nicolay. ‘Happiness’ is the ultimate feel-good song, with the catchy hook:

“Good People, Good lovin, good music in my life, it makes me happy”, isn’t that all we really need?

Also, they invite us into their personal lives sharing their means of survival while coming up in this industry. They had to lean on one another like brothers to get them through the tough times. They showed us strength and resilience by performing in shows without even a dollar in their pocket,

“Financially I took some hard blows, but shit I also rocked some hard shows, N!##@$ came to check us out by the carloads”.

Hopefully this song will put you in a good state of mind. It’s not about what happens to us but about how we pull through, maintaining our focus and remaining positive while reaching for something bigger than ourselves.

What makes YOU happy?


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