#inspiMusicMondays – Luke Christopher

I go to a lot of events where I’m always coming across up and coming talent that for some cruel reason haven’t been made mainstream yet. Which in most cases can be argued is a good thing so they’re able to keep their “originality” to their loyal fans but at the same time it’s like “WE NEED YOUR MUSIC” playing everywhere!

Well it’s because of this I’ve decided to start #inspiMUSICMONDAYS. May not be much but at least it’s a platform that’s more than proud to help push their music out there to different audiences. We’ll be starting our first post with my personal favorite, Luke Christopher.

I’ve honestly just recently discovered him during my trip to LA for the BET Awards two weeks ago. He was one of the artists performing at the BET experience, and just like all the other artists performing I took to listening to their music prior to going to their shows. 

Luke’s music has definitely won me and my ears over. It’s like every song on his soundcloud are each beautifully produced to tell a different story that’s all relatable in some way or another. Well Luke, you count me in as an official member of your #TMRWGANG fan base. Here’s to much success to you and your future.  

Check out his music here! 

**Note for #inspiMUSICMONDAYS** All music content posted for #inspiMUSICMONDAYS are all biased and music to my own liking. I am not obligated to post any music that’s sent my way. If I dig the artist, I’ll post. Simple.


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