#inspiMUSICMONDAYS – Matisyahu


Jewish reggae star, Matisyahu is a spiritual and powerful force in the music industry, not afraid to speak on religion, war, peace and equality. His music draws in listeners with lyrics of hope, love and the ultimate goal of world peace. “Sunshine”, the first single on the album titled “Spark Seeker”, brings us back to our adolescent days with fun summer vibes.  The sun, which has always been a source of inspiration for lyricists, artists, and poets, is also a symbol of happiness and new life. “Sunshine” builds on those same themes and gives you this feeling of hope and determination with the lyrics, “reach for the sky, keep your eyes on the prize”.

With or without the beard, Matisyahu has uplifted others, while sharing his story, and staying true to himself and his values in an industry that tries to make you like everyone else.




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