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Meko Supreme has something special here with his song titled Uncle Phil, which begins with an excerpt from the famous hit TV show called The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, starring Will Smith.  The track opens up with Will passionately going off about his father for not being there for him growing up, teaching him how to ride a bike, to tie his shoes and how to be a man. Everyone is not fortunate enough to grow up with both parents in the household or even one sometimes. Meko challenges these young men facing adversities to make a way for themselves even without having a father figure.

In this positive track, Meko stresses the importance of working hard and rising above it all. Although he didn’t have a father figure and wished on having an “Uncle Phil” in his life, he didn’t. But he still found a way to keep his head up and keep his vision focused to remain inspired to want more out of life. He talks about the dominant forces that came before us and how we should be inspired by their strength, perseverance, and triumph.

So what are you doing? Wake up, get the sleepies out of your eyes and start changing your life, it won’t be easy, but you know you want something real.


Listen to the track here:

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