#inspiMUSICMONDAYS – X Ambassadors


 “I wanted to show people who we are — a group of brothers, best friends, and family who’ve been through so much together” the band singer and guitarist Sam says.


The X Ambassadors have quite the bromance story. From growing up as childhood friends, to forming a band, then leaving their small town to chase dreams of becoming rock stars. After spending quite some time struggling to get gigs, they eventually succeeded in getting the recognition they deserve. The bands love for hip-hop mixed with hard rock and soulful pop has given them a sound like no other. The makeup of their songs are surrounded by the notion of deterring away from heartbreak and overcoming the constraints of a small-town status quo.

Through the song Renegades, X Ambassadors pay tribute to those with disabilities. This subject hits home for them especially since their pianist Casey has been blind since childhood. Renegades is about being a rebel and rooting for the underdog. One person from the video spoke on how they wanted to be expected to do what everyone else is expected to and how being blind just allows them to see life through a different lens. The subjects in the video and the X.Ambassadors are one in the same in regards to changing your situation. Whether it’s moving out of your small town or overcoming and ones own current circumstances and using it to inspire others.


Now signing off with the reminder: Don’t wait for the world to recognize your greatness, live it and let the world catch up to you.


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