Inspiration is the goal. Why I started Delilah and Company and what to look forward to.

It’s been seven months since I first launched the idea of Delilah and Company. I had no idea where I’d be going with this, no idea how I was going to go about making this series come to life. I just knew I had one goal and one goal only: to inspire.

When the website was initially launched my sole focus was to interview people within the entertainment industry and have them discuss obstacles and adversity they had to overcome in order to become successful. What I wanted to do was show a new perspective on members in the industry, show them as actual human beings. It’s easy to want to look up to these entertainers and admire them for being famous, having a lot of money and being able to enjoy all the glitz and glamor.

What a lot of people tend to forget is that majority of these people overcame various forms of personal struggles but kept pushing forward to make it to where they are now. This series was initially meant to share those stories to also inspire and motivate viewers to focus and work hard on their own dreams.

These past few months have been a serious case of trial and error. Everything that could have gone wrong may just have – from footage not working/formatting, equipment gone missing, missed opportunities and with the footage that did work it was just horrible visuals. I didn’t and still haven’t given up though.

I’ve been doing extensive research on branding and building a company from the bottom up. I’ll spend hours on the computer looking up either articles or reviewing videos that are beneficial not only for D&C but for me too. Thing is, I’m not looking to become just another celebrity blogger. I have no interest in the scandals or gossip related material, I just want to inspire people!

As mentioned before, my INITIAL purpose for this site was to be an online video series of me interviewing entertainers but as of recently my vision of it has slightly changed. Lately I’ve been focusing on becoming at peace with myself and appreciating everything and everyone that surrounds me. As I’ve begun to practice this new spiritual lifestyle of mine, my clouded vision started to become a little clearer. I had spent countless hours sending out emails pitching my story about Delilah and Company to celebrities, their agents/publicists to share their stories to my viewers. What I had missed was that I was surrounded by so many driven and focused people whom all have inspirational stories of their own.


I’ve then decided that why not give them their own spotlight too? While building the brand of Delilah and Company, I’ve networked with so many young, aspiring and talented people that at all pursuing their own dream in one way or another. It was then that “Make the Road by Walking” segment was born. These will be basic Q&A interviews with anyone that is working towards a goal, whether that be a goal of weight loss, raising a child alone, starting a company, or just doing something to help impact their surrounding community. These people are our everyday stars, yeah maybe E! isn’t blowing up their emails to interview them but here at Delilah and Company we will not only share stories of celebrities but share the stories of our everyday stars.

I’m genuinely excited about this! I’m such a sucker for a good heart-whelming story, especially those that motivate you and help you change your perspective on life to only want to become better. Lots of people have dreams to become rich and famous in order to say they have been successful in life. Me, the moment I know I have made it in life is when a random stranger comes up to me one day and with tears in their eyes tell me that I have changed their life for the better. It was because of them going on my blog everyday and reading the positive stories I shared that helped them get their life together. When that moment happens, then ladies and gentlemen I can say I have made it in life. Until then, I will continue to build the brand of Delilah and Company and share stories that hopefully will put a smile on your face and motivate you in any way that may be beneficial to you.

Sincerely Yours,
Delilah Dee xo


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