#inspiSTYLE – Kia Denise

1. Who is Kia Denise?

Kia Denise is a #BOSSMOM, Personal Shopper, and a Go Getter.

2. How would you describe your #inspiSTYLE?

My #inspiSTYLE is very simple, nothing to over the top. With my hectic schedule managing home life, my child, full time job, clients, and school – I don’t have much time to think of an extravagant outfit haha. I like basic pieces and generally will throw in something that pops, whether it be a sweater, necklace or a coat.

3. What is your favorite inspirational quote?

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all LOVE  of what you are doing. – Pele

4. When I’m having a bad day I usually …….

Vent to my boyfriend over a glass of wine. He always, and I mean always knows the right things to say to calm me down.

5. What’s something you can say genuinely makes you happy?

Being a mother and having a family genuinely makes me happy. It’s insane, I never thought I could experience such joy.

6. What made you want to create frommystyle2urs.com?

My love for fashion, and style. I would dress all of my friends, and family. I came up with the idea to show my viewers ways to put simple pieces together so I would style my sister,  post it to my website, and called it “Look of The Day”.

7. Since the launch of your site and entering the fashion blogging industry, what has been your favorite memory thus far? Why?

My favorite memory is definitely the event I held for the relaunch of my site. I was so blown away by the turn out! It was something that I visioned, put together, and it came true. Honestly a highlight in my life, I will never forget that night. 

8. Tomorrow, you’re given the opportunity to rule the world. What would be your vision for a dope world to live in?

My vision for a dope world would be to rid of ALL prejudices, whether it be a white and black thing, a muslim thing, a gay thing, anything! I would also love for woman to have equal opportunities; the same as men. Lastly, my vision of a dope world would be for all children to have equal chances at a great education with teachers that genuinely care for their students.

#inspiSTYLE is geared towards the masses who use fashion as an inspirational way to express individualism.  We will be showcasing everyday people who aren’t afraid to be themselves in a world where conformity seems best. This segment is to be used not only as a lookbook for ideas, but as one for inspiration to be bold. Inspiration to be you.

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