#inspiSTYLE of the Day – Ann-Marie Hoang

Our #inspiSTYLE of the day is Ann-Marie Hoang.
Creative, mysterious and jaw-dropping are just a few words to describe Los Angeles based wardrobe stylist, Ann-Marie Hoang. She continues to slay social media with her unique style that will make you want to question your own wardrobe.
1. Who is Ann-Marie Hoang?
A driven individual that thrives on inspiring underground artist to manifest 
their creative power to re-invent the wheel.  
2. How would you describe your #inspiSTYLE?
3. What’s your favorite inspirational quote?
The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come
4. When I’m having a bad day I usually …….
Remind myself that NOTHING is ever THAT serious.
5. What’s something you can say genuinely makes you happy?
6. Tomorrow, you’re given the opportunity to rule the world. What would be your vision for a dope world to live in? 
Abolish ALL forms of money.
Everyone living cohesively in a eco friendly environment.
Schools are educating the young on how to live for a sustainable future
Freedom to express oneself through creativity and community 
You can follow Ann-Marie on Instagram @mstr_of_disguise



#inspiSTYLE is geared towards the masses who use fashion as an inspirational way to express individualism.  We will be showcasing everyday people who aren’t afraid to be themselves in a world where conformity seems best. This segment is to be used not only as a lookbook for ideas, but as one for inspiration to be bold. Inspiration to be you. 

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