#inspiSTYLE of the Day – Jonny Herrera

Our #inspiSTYLE of the day is Jonny Herrera.
This androgynistic Philadelphia native continues to use his love of artistry as his self proclamation in all things visuals. Whether it’s putting together an outfit, styling or directing a shoot to even blocking out the world and connecting his brushstrokes to his canvases; it is evident that his love of art has no limitation. 

1. Who is Jonny Herrera?
An open minded, free spirited, androgynous, tree hugging hippie that loves A R T. I express my soul through painting, photography, singing in the shower, styling, designing, and especially through my own PERSONAL STYLE.  
2. How would you describe your #inspiSTYLE?
My #inspiSTYLE is a Self Expression with NO BOUNDARIES! It’s all about wearing what you want and owning it. Confidence plays a large part. Staying trendy but putting your own personal twist to it. I wear clothes from any store, and any department. I don’t care about the gender or style of clothing. If I like it and it fits well, I’m wearing it.
3. What’s your favorite inspirational quote?
‘Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.’ James Dean
4. When I’m having a bad day I usually …….
Close the world off with music. Or just go shopping, a good sale always tickles my heart.
5. What’s something you can say genuinely makes you happy?
Creating something beautiful and seeing people’s reaction. Also, surrounding myself with positive people, that have goals, aspiration, and are open minded.
You can follow Jonny on Instagram @picture_jonny

#inspiSTYLE is geared towards the masses who use fashion as an inspirational way to express individualism.  We will be showcasing everyday people who aren’t afraid to be themselves in a world where conformity seems best. This segment is to be used not only as a lookbook for ideas, but as one for inspiration to be bold. Inspiration to be you. 


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