Introducing #inspiSTYLE – Voltaires Max

It’s been a while now that we’ve been wanting to start a section dedicated to our fashion lovers on Delilah and Company, and now the time has finally come!
We’d like to formally introduce our newest segment: #inspiSTYLE
#inspiSTYLE is geared towards the masses who use fashion as an inspirational way to express individualism.  We will be showcasing everyday people who aren’t afraid to be themselves in a world where conformity seems best. This segment is to be used not only as a lookbook for ideas, but as one for inspiration to be bold. Inspiration to be you. 

With that being said we are excited to officially launch our #inspiSTYLE segment with Voltaires Max:

1. How would you describe your #inspistyle?
It’s really a relationship between my fashion sense and my cognitiveability to create. I ultimately want myself as well as other people to be understood through style rather than judged. I see that majority of people judge style as it approaches rather than try to understand it as if it were a message to be decoded. I perceive style as a form of communication that arouses response in many different ways. Accept it and don’t deter it because thats one thing thats comes back in.  “STYLE”
2. What’s your favorite inspirational quote?
Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. – Voltaire

3.When I’m having a bad day I usually …….

Surround myself with positive people. Innovators in any aspect thats willing to put heads together and create.
4. What’s something you can say genuinely makes you happy?
Family. I just came back from a recent trip to Haiti and from the moment that I landed to the moment that I left I was meeting more and more of members of my family. I really thank my mom and dad for bridging that gap between me and my brothers and my family in Haiti, continuing that bond.
You can follow Voltaires Max on Instagram @v2damax
Interested in being featured? Send your submission to bookings@delilahandcompany.com

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