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When he’s not training along side world champions such as Miguel Cotto (4x world champion), Guillermo Rigondeaux (2x Olympic Gold Medalist), brick by brick, Octavio Pineda is building his #LetsBeElite fitness empire.

Although he was born and raised in Miami, since moving to Philadelphia, Pineda has been shining his rays over the Philadelphia fitness community. Having first hand experience of what it’s like to be unhappy and overweight, he has dedicated his life to giving others that same sense of empowerment he felt once he decided to take control of his health.

Whether you’re a part of his boxing program, group fitness classes or personal one-on-one trainings, you know that this isn’t just a paycheck for Pineda. You can feel the dedication and passion he has towards each client that comes his way. It it without a doubt, that the #LetsBeElite fitness empire will continue to flourish.

“Even when I was working out of someone else’s gym, I always believed that there was more for me. I believed I was going to have my own gym. I believed I was going to have my own company. I believed I was going to create professional fighters. One by one, everything is coming into full circle. It’s important to just believe in yourself, even if no one else does”


For more information about the #LetsBeElite programs available:

Instagram: @letsbeelite

Website: www.letsbeelitefitness.com



#JustStartSundays is a Delilah & Company initiative that collaborates with different fitness platforms across the nation in order to promote unity and active lifestyles. 
If you are interested in promoting your fitness platform on our site, email squad@delilahandcompany.com
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