Learn to Appreciate Dark Times

At some point or another we experience dark times. Whether it’s the death of a loved one, loss of a job or the end of a relationship, it can feel like our life is over. Tragedy, regardless of what form it comes in, may break us, but it is also an opportunity to rebuild even stronger than before. There are times when the negative events in our lives consume every part of us. If we’re not careful, we can allow it to swallow us whole. The best thing we can do to avoid falling deeper into the darkness and despair is to find a way to express our emotions. Whether it’s talking to a friend or working with a professional, we need to make sure we don’t allow our feelings of loss to justify giving up hope.

With tragedy comes opportunity. It encourages us to be grateful for all that we still do have in our lives. We uncover exactly just how strong we really are. When we choose to move forward from the negative feelings we are experiencing, we start the healing process. This process provides a chance to learn more about ourselves, deepening our level of self-awareness and equipping us with tools to handle future challenges from a different perspective. Dark times are a part of life. How can we appreciate the light if we never experience the dark, never mind know that it exists? Regardless of how hard things might seem, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

You just have to be ready to see it.

Now signing off with the reminder: Don’t wait for the world to recognize your greatness, live it and let the world catch up to you.


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