Like Frank Underwood, Make Yourself Notorious For Not Backing Down

Could you handle leading the fate of a million lives? What about the future of an entire nation?


Millennials are a promising yet fledgling generation full of potential, driven by the possibility of improving the world around them. It goes without saying that because of this, a lot of mass media is being created to provide messages for the leader in everyone. For instance, while watching Frank Underwood, the Machiavellian anti-hero on the House of Cards series, I couldn’t help but think about the indirect warnings the show sends to be careful of how you handle your reigns of influence. It’s easy to feel oppressed and like the people above you have far too much power for their own good. This could be coming from your first demanding employer, your professor, or any other person that can strong-arm you. The important and sobering fact is that you could very well be in a position of power and influence at some point. Then, how will you handle it?

“If you don’t like how the table is set, turn over the table.” (Season 2, Episode 2).

This is one of Frank’s less aggressive quotes that sparks a hopeful moment of empowerment. Plenty of people around you seem to have a running list of aspirations, but when challenges confront you in your journey toward your goals, will you roll over? For all of the routes that he took to fulfill his revenge, Frank Underwood started out from very humble beginnings, similar in stature to those who are not born in the world of the 1%-ers. Understand, it is always a tough road towards accomplishing mass influence. However, if that’s what you want, don’t be intimidated.


Keep pushing forward.

Find your voice.

Make a difference and make yourself notorious for not backing down because you decided to bravely protect your dreams. Overall, just remain humble and don’t let the powers above you sour you towards hate and revenge. Whether it’s the fate of one life or millions, we all have it in us to be a leader. It is up to you to decide whether you’ll be a leader of positive influence or not. 


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