Make the Road by Walking – Qu’ality

Anyone that is knowledgable of the history of Harlem in New York, automatically what comes to mind is the arts. Everything from poetry and jazz music played a crucial role in the African-American culture deriving from it. One can understand how growing up being surrounded by so much history and culture can help develop a certain mindset –> that certainly being filled with much appreciation. Then you hear of certain people that are using this type of mindset to start a movement. For instance, Qu’ality. Qu’ality does appreciate. Qu’ality loves. Qu’ality is Harlem. Harlem is Qu’ality.

Qu’ality is an up and coming hip-hop artist from Harlem with musical talent that will blow you away. What I am extremely fond of is that he is using hip-hop as a platform to inspire people, specifically women. It is his goal that through his music women are able to feel a greater sense of appreciation of who they naturally are; without having to stress the need to look like what society describes as “beautiful”.

Judging from the fact that his latest single “NA-TU-RAL” has gone viral within just a few months on YouTube, it’s safe to say his message is starting to get across. I believe his YouTube video is the FIRST video I have ever came across in which EVERY SINGLE comment are those of praise and positivity. I know for certain these past 24 hours I have been replaying the video repeatedly and each time I feel better than the last. If you haven’t heard of Qu’ality yet, you’re missing out on Qu’ality stuff. (bad pun) ha!

Check out our interview with him and be sure to hear more about him from Delilah and Company. We are in full support of his movement and his music!


Check out his latest single! Ladies, watch. Gentlemen, learn. 

Now signing off with the reminder: Don’t wait for the world to recognize your greatness, live it and let the world catch up to you.


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