Rising Up and Breaking Barriers: Latina Bosses

Photo by: @sikatheart


According to the National Women’s Business Council, there are close to 800,000 Hispanic women owned businesses. That’s a 133.3% increase since 1997. Because of this, Latina bosses have been able to contribute about $55.7 billion dollars to the economy. Yet, the media rarely, if ever, represents Latinas in this type of fashion.


It’s unfortunate but when someone thinks of a Latina, the last thing that comes to mind is them being a business woman. Latinas continue to be underrepresented and misrepresented in the media today and this is a problem. It is because of this, I decided to gather up a few of my friends who also happen to be Latina bosses.


There’s Fabiana Ferrarini – She is a published international fitness model and founder of “Fit With Fabi” fitness app. Let’s not forget she also made history by being the 1st Latina on Oxygen Magazine’s Cover. Fabi’s message to Latinas:

“Don’t limit yourself. Expound and explore, defy and exceed. When others set your bar – dance on top of it. Be kind, stay classy, but above all – be unapologetically YOU!”


There’s Christina Sanchez – Who has a credential list so long in the entertainment industry, you’d just have to ask her what hasn’t she done. Currently, she’s a singer/songwriter about to take over the music industry. Her first release via Sony Music France has close to 5 million views on her VEVO channel. Christina’s message to Latina women:

“Don’t let anyone define you, blaze your own trail and be the master of your destiny. Latinas are powerful women!”


There’s Candy Calderon – She is a wellness entrepreneur who is like a walking encyclopedia on all things health related, especially in holistic nutrition. She coaches people all around the world with her signature programs on how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Candy’s message to Latina women:

“You got this! Is my positive affirmation of choice and what I tell to myself often… Believe in yourself first, stay awake always!”


And then there’s me, Delilah Dee: I talk loud, laugh even louder. I guess it’s cool to mention that I am the founder and owner of this baby you happen to be on right now 🙂 – My message to you:
“I need you to understand you already have something great inside of you. It’s there, waiting for you to discover it. Once you do, continue to feed and nourish it. Let it grow to the point it takes over you completely and it’s the first thing someone sees when you enter a room.”


We united together for an ultimate Latina empowerment photoshoot in hopes to influence others to rise up and become the bosses we all know they can be. Understand that there are so many subcultures within the Latina culture, not just the main two that continues to be portrayed across mass media. For instance, we all come in different shapes, sizes, skin tones; some have great upbringings, some were not so great. There are those that are first generation here in America, while others may be third. What’s great is that regardless of our stories, we continue to push forward. Why? Because we are hardworking, family-oriented, resilient women. 
The ultimate goal of this shoot is to not only show unity but to also exemplify there is power within us all to be great. I’ll close this with a message to my Latina women, and all women in general — do not ever down play yourself. Understand that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. The barriers may be there but it is your choice whether you want to break them or not. Trust me, they can be broken.

Photo by: @sikatheart

Check out the behind the scenes of the shoot here:

Thank you to my power squad that helped make this happen!
Photographer: Sika 
Make-up: Renee Rosado
Make-up: Lynette Norat
Accessories: Glam Yard
The right hand: Jamie Rodriguez
The intern: Tileyna Gonzalez
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