Royce Rizzy Shows the Importance of Brotherhood and Overcoming Hard Times in ‘Had To’ Song

“I was hyping up my brother I was glad to,” a verse from the new trap record “Had To” by brothers and hip-hop duo, Royce Rizzy and Madeintyo. Created to reveal the work put forth this past year, where things are a bit different with Rizzy now managing his younger brother Madeintyo. 25 year old Rizzy, who has worked with artists such as Chevy Woods, Lil Scrappy and Young Buck; had decided to take a pause on his own music career to help manage his younger brother (Madeintyo) just a short year ago.

Rizzy’s and Madeintyo’s musical rap styles have developed into something truly magical. Their styles come from such a diverse background, growing up in Oakland, California to then moving to Tokyo, Japan where their father was stationed in the Navy. Also bouncing around to various other places such as Atlanta, Texas, Virginia and Hawaii. In ‘Had To’, they reveal some struggles of theirs throughout their journey, I was broken, had no car in these rolls, New guy was workin’, he was workin’ on my soul.

via Instagram: madeintyo

Rizzy saw the potential and skill set in someone close to him that in a selfless act, he set his work aside in order to help his brother win. Their story shows that when brothers come together they can do really dope things! Truly powerful and inspiring to say the least. Also shows how important family and brotherhood is in this world. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the ones closest to you and understand that when they win, so will you. Like Rizzy said: I had to.

Check out the video below:


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