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This past Saturday, I got to meet up with Justina Valentine for the beginning of her tour with Mike Stud at the Theater of Living Arts in Philadelphia. As soon as we met, she greeted me with open arms and immediately made me feel right at home. We went straight into her dressing room where we discussed details on everything from her journey in the music industry along with her new album “Valentine” now available for purchase on iTunes. Justina has certainly been working hard to setting a name for herself in this

Styled by Shop Saiko

On her album Valentine being dropped today on iTunes

“This album includes six tracks along with a bonus one. I had the amazing opportunity to work with creative and talented producers such as Shy Boogs, Infamous and Claws to name a few. This album means a lot to me because I really took my time crafting my sound and image for this project, it’s all been a fulfilling experience. We’ve actually just released the first video for Valentine “Lord Have Mercy”. As soon as I’m back from tour I’ll be preparing to shoot for our next video, it’s all really exciting.”


On touring with Mike Stud for his Relief Tour                                                                                 

“I’m excited. This past summer was crazy I did 15-20 shows so it was basically like a little tour to prep me for this upcoming one. There was no better time to start this tour since the day before I had my album release party in both New York and New Jersey for Valentine. My crew (including her DJ K. Fre$h and guitarist Randy) and I are all still pumped and juiced from that we already felt like it was time to take over the world.”

Her guitarist Randy on how does he feel about the city wide tour they’re on
“There’s not other word to describe this but great. This has been a long time coming, she’s put so much work and energy into her craft and it’s exciting to see it come to life.”
Fun fact, Justina and Randy have actually been best friends for many years now since first meeting at school. Justina went on to compare their friendship “we’re like tampons and periods, we just go together”. *inserts obnoxious laugh here* The energy these two give off is undeniably complimentary.


If she had a message to get across to a large group of people it would be:

“Just be yourself. You can’t please everyone all the time. People will either love you or hate you, just love what you do and I promise you will be happy.”


On what’s to come
“Well I’m excited to announce that Maino will be performing with me at the close of the Relief Tour in Rhode Island on November 1st. We’ll be performing our hit single “Dream On” and we’ll be beginning to film our video soon after.”
“I just want all my fans to know that when I say ‘From My Heart to Yours’, I really mean it. When I put together my music, I’m reaching from a place deep inside. This album is the deepest body work I’ve put out thus far and I’m excited for what’s to come because of it.”
Just from meeting her and witnessing her perform live, she has already won my heart over as a fan. It’s funny because when I first listened to her music, I was trying to think of artists to compare her to and I was thinking Amy Winehouse, maybe even Nelly Furtado. It was then after listening to her entire album I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no comparison. Justina is bringing something new to this industry with her vocals and talent. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that she will indeed make it far, I’m so happy to have met her and be one of the first to interview her before she’s off to winning grammys. Continue being great Justina!
Check her new video – Lord Have Mercy !

Her EP ‘Valentine’ is available to purchase on iTunes

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Now signing off with the reminder: Don’t wait for the world to recognize your greatness, live it and let the world catch up to you.

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