TwentySomethings Podcast Featuring Delilah Dee

The beginning of pretty much any year is generally about goals and trying new things to make a better you and hopefully a better life. Some may have fitness goals, others may want to travel more. Then there’s that curious bunch, like Briana Rheubottom who may want something as simple as finding themselves and their purpose in life.

While others may need to jump out of planes or travel to a third world country to find their breakthrough, Briana is hoping to find hers from a series of conversations through her podcast called “TwentySomethings”. This podcast will be based around the obstacles that people may face when they reach their twenties, also dubbed the “quarter life crisis”. Aside from that this will also be a self discovery journey for Briana that will be shared with her listeners.

Briana’s first episode featured none other than our very own founder, Delilah Dee.  The topic for this episode touched on following your dreams, finding your passions, and living your life now. Delilah discussed what her agency is all about, what her goals are with it, and a little background information on how she got started.  Delilah’s agency is all about pushing positivity out. Period. From content, to events, and positive things that celebrities are doing that usually don’t get to much recognition in the media.

“When people see celebrities, you know especially we live in this social media era – people see the nice pictures, the flashy cars, the diamonds and they want that. But a lot of people tend to forget they (celebrities) went through blood, sweat, and tears to get that.”

Delilah said when asked what were some of the things her brand was based around.  She went on to talk about how she doesn’t care what the tea is or who is dating who with celebrities. Her brand revolves around positivity and inspiration, nothing more nothing less.



Delilah also talked about her Philadelphia origins and her desire to stay and show everyone that it isn’t a curse to be from Philadelphia. Her goals for the Delilah & Company ‘take over’ go from community service work with celebrities and local communities to people seeing Beyonce walk into her North Philly headquarters from the corner “papi stores”.

The most important message Delilah spread was to keep pushing forward no matter what. She also emphasized to forget the fear of failing and embrace the lessons it teaches. Briana ends the incredibly inspiring and motivational episode with reiterating how she’s just starting to live out her dreams with the start of her podcast. Anyone who is skeptical about accomplishing a goal or unsure when to do it should take a page from Briana and Delilah’s book and just start.

Listen to the full episode here:



Now signing off with the reminder: Don’t wait for the world to recognize your greatness, live it and let the world catch up to you.


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