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Two Beautiful Women Who Remarkably Stood Up Against Body-Shaming



A zealous and humble celebrity makeup artist and educator. An Academy Award-nominated actress and deviant. Two seemingly different individuals with one common goal this past week: using their platforms to speak out against body shaming.

Like many other public figures, Philly-bred celebrity makeup artist, Tatiana Ward aka “BeatFaceHoney” and Empire actress Gabourey Sidibe, had to endure what the average woman would cringe at experiencing. What made them stand out, however, were their bold reactions, which were noteworthy and capable of making you question your own courage.

Just two days ago, Ward daringly posted a photo on Instagram of her shirt pulled up and addressed the “complete and utter a-holes who are women” who have been commenting on her pictures asking her if she’s pregnant. Among other things, she reminded them that she’s a female who’s sensitive about her “s**t” and that she’s not pregnant, but chubby, like a number of other women in 2015 [according to today’s standards]. What sealed the feisty deal was her closing her caption with a post script that told her shamers to tell their men to stay out of her DM. Ward’s post was confidence at its finest and most inspirational.

To think that a woman who uses her platform to teach and spread nothing but beauty, love and inspiration would have to endure such negativity is disturbing, yet not surprising. Even more beautiful though was the support Ward received from other celebrities such as Questlove and Ariana Grande, with the latter writing a comment telling her that she looked gorgeous.

Prior to that incident came arguably the most classy and confident body-shaming clap back of this year. Sidibe, who is no stranger to having to address ignorant body critics, did not hesitate in responding to the insulting memes that had surfaced online following an intimate scene of her Empire character Becky with her on-screen boyfriend, MC J Poppa played by actor Mo McRae.

First came the classy: “I had the most fun ever filming that scene even though I was nervous,” Sidibe told Entertainment Weekly. “I felt sexy and beautiful and I felt like I was doing a good job.”

Then came the clap back: “I’m not sure how anyone could hate on love,” Sidibe continued. “But that’s okay. You may have your memes. Honestly, I’m at work too busy to check Twitter anyway. #Booked”

I think it’s safe to say that we were all stuck in a brief moment of awe and admiration after watching that microphone drop.

Can someone call TIME and tell them to revise their 100 Most Influential People list?

We applaud and appreciate you, Tatiana Ward and Gabourey Sidibe, for continuing to fearlessly stand up for what’s right and for being the successful and inspirational role models you are to the millions of young women watching.


Now signing off with the reminder: Don’t wait for the world to recognize your greatness, live it and let the world catch up to you.


Tamara Shanice is an actress, writer, lyricist and fashionable hustler who takes pride in entertaining and educating through her art. She's a wandering spirit who loves to travel the world and marvel at the works of God's paintbrush.


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Drake Releases Most Important Project of His Career



Today Drake released the visual for his song, “God’s Plan”. In this video, it showcases Drake giving back to communities, schools & even families in more ways than one. Whether it was signing checks for scholarships, paying for grocery bills or just handing stacks of cash to families, the 6 God decided to use the million dollar budget given for the video to instead, give it all away. 

It’s empowering to see celebrities use their platforms for good and to give back to those in need.

Drake, in case no one has told you yet – you’re doing amazing sweetie.

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‘The Real’ Surprises Staff Member at Community Academy of Philadelphia




Jeannie Mai, co-host from The Real took over Philadelphia to surprise a special staff member from the Community Academy of Philadelphia Charter School. The Assistant Operations Manager, Vilma Ray (also known to everyone as grandmom Ray) has dedicated over 16 years of her life serving the children and staff at Community Academy. She’s held multiple jobs for the school, to name a few – she’s driven the bus, mowed the lawns, cleaned up after students, supervised discipline room and the federal lunch program. Regardless of whatever the job was, big or small – she’s said to have completed each task with a smile on her face.


“Momma Ray is a miracle worker” – Alberta O’Brien, High School Principal.


Everyone that comes into grandmom’s Ray life, she is known to impact them in an empowering way. When needed, she is always a ray of sunshine and the backbone for everyone. It is because of this, Jeannie Mai came to the school to surprise and honor grandmom Ray for her years of service and commitment. Grandmom Ray originally thought she was randomly selected to play their infamous “Dimestore to Deluxe” game but little did she know there was a huge surprise for her at the end. Check out the segment of #TheRealOnTheRoad Philadelphia below:


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Why Being Kind is Too Much Sauce



You’re probably already aware that your smile could change someone’s day. We hear it all of the time: Smile. Be kind. Be courteous. Use manners.  But would you believe it if I told you that your smile could change someone’s life?

It can. Because it’s not just the smile, it’s also what comes with it. The confidence, the happiness, the positive vibes and energy that are released into world that may translate to a silent affirmation for someone else.

Smile, because you never know who’s watching feeding off of you. It’s a small act of kindness with a big impact on both the giver and the receiver.


And when it comes to small acts of kindness, too often we underestimate the power of them.

When you do things that aren’t required of you in hopes of helping or uplifting a person you know nothing about, not only does it become infectious, but the world finds a way to bring that goodness back around to you.

When Florida State University football player, Travis Rudolph, recently ate lunch with Bo Paske, an autistic boy who sat alone in the cafeteria, he could not have fathomed the national attention that small act of his was about to garner.

Not only did he help to bring more awareness to the autistic community, but he changed the lives of both Bo and his mother, and caught the attention of the media and sports community that will only prove to be beneficial to his career.
And all of this sparked from a picture he didn’t even know was being taken.

Again, you never know who’s watching you.

The powerful possibilities that come with randomly doing something nice for people are endless and rewarding. You could simply change their day by lifting their spirits or you could change their way of thinking about both the world and others.

Not only are acts of kindness significant, but they’re really easy to practice. Here are five ways you can be kind to someone today:

  1. Hand write a thank you note: handwritten anything is becoming so rare that taking the time to do so in the form of a thank you note will be sure to linger in the mind of the receiver.
  2. Support a dream or positive venture: You see it on your Facebook or Twitter timeline all of the time. Someone asking you to “like” their new business page or fill out a brief survey for their new idea. How long does it really take to do something like this? Do it.
  3. Compliment someone: You never know the kind of day someone is having. Write a compliment on your waiter or cashier’s receipt. Tell your coworker how great they are at their job. Tell the person on the train next to you how much you love their hair.
  4. Tell someone you appreciate them: It’s so easy to go on about our days expecting to receive certain things from certain people. Whether that’s money from mom or an invitation from your friend, tell that person you appreciate them for playing a positive role in your life.
  5. Smile: Like Nike, just do it.


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