Why We All Should Be Watching Chasing Destiny


Two Words: Chasing Destiny.

It’s like watching human flowers recognize the richness of their petals and flourish under the nourishment of their wise and gifted mentors.

And with every belt of a heartfelt note and every blend of a ballad, we’re there with eyes fixated on the beautiful sight of humans blossoming and unearthing the treasures they were gifted to give to the world.

Teary-eyed and in awe, watching this show truly makes you sit back and ponder your own purpose.

Oh, you didn’t know I was referring to the docuseries produced by Kelly Rowland and starring the former and choreographer, Frank Gatson Jr.?

Well, if you didn’t know, you better ask somebody! No, but really, why isn’t their more talk about this show?

It’s so refreshing. So inspiring. So authentic. And get this: it’s all without the catty drama.

Kelly, a Grammy Award-winning solo artist and a former member of Destiny’s Child, really displays herself in a way we’ve haven’t been exposed to before. Her boldness, genuine spirit and business acumen and shine play a significant role in the show, which she created to fill the void in the girl group market.


We need to be talking about this show. We need to be producing more of these shows. We need to be watching this show. It’s essential to our culture and important for our communities.

There are so many awesome reasons why, but here’s a highlight of a few of the ways in which Chasing Destiny is worthy of our attention:

Kelly and Frank are serious about women empowerment

Since day one, Kelly and Frank have not let one compliment sit on their tongues for too long. They are constantly calling the young women they encounter, queens and Nubian princesses, as well as reminding them of their worth and beauty. And it’s not the cheesy kind of flattery that you get from a mother or father, it’s the kind that simply recognizes a twinkle and doesn’t hesitate to call it a star.

In fact, Kelly and Frank are so passionate about empowering young women that they are even selective about the team of people they choose to bring around the girls to help with their development. A great example is in episode five when Kelly brought the girls around LA vocal coach, Stevie Mackey, who sincerely told the girls after coaching them,

“[Whether you are] In the group or not, I’m just thankful to be here and to be sitting here in the presence of you beautiful queens, you talented beautiful women, you’re everything. You’re everything.”

Real tears!!!


Kelly emphasizes authenticity and the importance of being true to yourself:

One of the first notable quotes from Kelly that echoes throughout the promotion of Chasing Destiny is when she tells viewers,I don’t want reality stars. I want stars.” Ms. Rowland was not kidding, OK? Throughout the show Kelly stresses the importance of being authentic to who you are and the significance of how that will naturally draw people to you, hence making you a “star” of your own accord and not the perception of what a star should be.

This theory is consistently proven to be true throughout the series, as the girls who Kelly and Frank were initially attracted to for their “authenticity to self” –such as Ash Edwards, Gabby and Jennifer, were the same girls pointed out as “special” or “different” by colleagues of Frank and Kelly who were total strangers to the girls.

Kelly teaches us the importance of work-life balance and shows women they can be a boss and a great mother at the same time

Let’s just hear it one time for Kelly’s business savvy though. I mean really, you’ll feel the need to take so many mental notes while watching her conduct her business. She stays true to who she is and what she believes in, while at the same time knowing when to separate her personal feelings from her business decisions.

She’s also sure to include Titan in her lifestyle (he makes a guest appearance, so adorable!) and emphasizes the importance of doing so. In one of the episodes, she even leaves Frank with the girls to go back to her hometown to visit relatives and old friends that helped her get where she is today. Kelly shares that doing such things is important to keep you humbled and to never forget where you came from.

Kelly teaches us that we are human first and that it’s OK to be human.

A lot of the times when we watch reality television, especially one that revolves around a competition, it is indicated at one point or another that when presented with an opportunity of a lifetime, no matter what’s going on back home, your real life takes a back seat. It indirectly points out that your mental health also takes a backseat to the business.

But Kelly recognizes the delicacy of this and shows us her human side so many times throughout the show. For example, early on in the series, Kelly was supposed to cut a particular girl because her voice kept going flat in every group she was put in. When tragedy struck the day this cut was supposed to happen, Kelly decided to give her another day or so out of respect for what was going on. Kelly also has a number of one-on-ones with the girls whenever heartbreak or frustration ensues.

Can we just have a moment of applause for Kelly Rowland, please? And after doing that, you should tune in! Let’s support the positive messages being spread on our television screens whenever we can.


Chasing Destiny airs Tuesday nights on BET at 9:00 PM.


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