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Women Crush Weekly: How These Women Have Impacted My Life



Just to forewarn, this is a personal posting just felt needed to be noted.

This past year I’ve been doing a lot of research on successful people in various industries. I’ve been doing this because I feel it’s imperative to absorb in all their keys to success to take with me as I continue my journey with Delilah and Company.  From all of the readings I’ve done, although they all offer different advice the synonymous statement said by all:

“Surround Yourself with Amazing People”

With that being said, I’ve decided to do a post on #WCW.  Instead on the familiar trend that people generally put of women they find desirable on their social networks, this post is dedicated to those in my life that are my “Women Crush Weekly”. These women have all impacted my life in a way that I can’t help but admire them every day of the week, not just one day. Some I talk to almost everyday, some I barely do. Some of these women I just lounge around with others I only see at social gatherings. Some I’ve known for years, some I’ve just recently met. Some of the people on this post probably will be surprised seeing themselves but yes, you have touched me and I’m grateful to have you part of my circle. I’m grateful to have you as a part of my life.

Sasha Falcon
Any one that knows her, knows she has the strength of a warrior and she is not scared to look defeat in the eyes because she knows that she will rise above from it bigger and better than ever. She always goes above and beyond for those she cares about regardless of what her current situation may be. She always offers to give even when she doesn’t have much, which is why I see her as rich in my eyes. Above all, she is the ideal mother. I hope when it comes my turn to become a mother, I’m at least a fraction of the mother that she is with her son. Thank you, I’m grateful for you.

Cynthia Colon

Since we’ve became friends she’s never left my side. In common day verbiage, she’s my “Day 1”. She’s always there to give me reality checks and keep me grounded throughout my journey. I admire her for how she always finds a way to make something out of nothing in order to give her kids everything. I admire for how she always remains true to her word and continues to remain as a support factor in my life. Thank you, I’m grateful for you.

Shaniece Cole
There’s just certain people you meet that their spirits are so happy and beautiful that it’s in fact contagious (if you haven’t met someone with that persona, get out more!). I met Shaniece early last year but every time we talk it’s as though we’ve known each other forever. She’s the type of person you just want to roll up in a ball and take around with you everywhere. She’s also been such an avid supporter of D&C, and because she’s affiliated with major networks she’s always looking out for me and sending information my way to help D&C succeed. Thank you, I’m grateful for you.

Fun Fact: Whenever I feel down, I generally look at our text messages. I look at her as a mentor but with her humble spirit, she has a way that she makes me feel like a QUEEN haha.

Christina Sanchez

Free-spirited, beautiful, loving and full of life. I admire the way she goes about with life and that’s by L I V I N G. She has an idea, she makes a new goal and she goes for it. She’s done everything from travel the world, to experimenting in various parts of the entertainment industry and most importantly, be an amazing mother to her beautiful daughters. I love that I never know what to expect from her. She only makes me want to venture and do more in life. Thank you, I’m grateful for you.

When Christina introduced us, I had no idea that yet another beautifully spirited woman would make an impact in my life. We had barely known each other but every time we saw each other she always made me feel appreciated. Overcoming a lot of her own obstacles and seeing where she is right now and witnessing her flourish in her singing career right before my eyes gets me motivated to keep pushing myself. She’s another one that just being around her, her free spirit becomes contagious and you can’t help but feel good and just smile. Thank you, I’m grateful for you.

Brianna Rheubottom

From the first day we became acquainted in college, we became nearly inseparable. She has a genuine humble spirit and one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever come across. She recently decided to pack up from her home in Maryland and move to New York because she needed a change. She had no idea where it would lead she just knew that she wasn’t happy and needed to take a leap of faith. Due to that leap of faith, she is not only living in the city that never sleeps but she’s also working for the NBA. It’s stories like these that gives me so much life and inspire me to take more chances in life. Thank you, I’m grateful for you.

Priscilla Lomotey
Goddess, dedicated and exquisite are the words that I immediately think of when her name comes to mind. We interned together in New York this past summer and from day one she never ceases to amaze me. At age 20 she became the founder and CEO of her own fashion retail eCommerce website and just a few months later by the age of 21 she now has an office to call her own near Rockefeller center. As if that’s not enough, everyday she is running all around New York City working various campaigns, wardrobe styling for a network series, participating and leading various dance workshops, editor for SHK magazine and also interning for various magazines in Hearst Coporations. I’m sure I’m missing other stuff, it’s hard to keep up with her but that’s what I love most about her. She keeps me on my toes and inspires me to strive for more. Thank you, I’m grateful for you.

Heather Qadar

Fearless, eccentric and vigorous.
I admire how she’s never afraid to be herself regardless of who is around her She eludes a level of confidence that when she walks into a room everyone can’t help but look her way. Always with a smile on her face and a witty response to whatever anyone may say to her is what makes her Heather. She not only encompasses beauty and intelligence but in her own way she does what she can to take care of those that she loves. Thank you, I’m grateful for you.

Idy Akpan
The youngest of this bunch, but has the perspicacious mindset to take over Wall Street one day. A young woman that is curious about the world and is not afraid to try new things or meet new people. A young woman with a highly contagious smile that is generally followed by an even more contagious laugh. I honestly can’t really put her character into words (which I’m sure she’s laughing at this statement). She’s just Idy. Thank you, I’m grateful for you.

Alexis Rios

Alexis is one of those rare people that no matter how hard someone may try, there is nothing you can find wrong with her. One of the most beautiful person, both inside and out that I’ve had the pleasure to come across. She is loved by so many because she loves so many. Her heart is made of gold and her eyes of sparkle that just by being around her you can’t help but smile and appreciate every second with her. She puts nothing less than a 100% into everything she does which is why she’s succeeding as a nurse, a mother, a daughter, a lover and friend. Thank you, I’m grateful for you.


Malwina Guiterrez
No matter how high a mountain or how wide a river may be, if you need her, Malwina will be there for you. She is someone you want in your corner because she is sure to go above and beyond for her loved ones. I admire her constant need for adventure and the way she just lives her life. Pretty much never knowing just always going. She sometimes puts me to shame and has me trying new things just to keep up with her so I won’t feel like a grandmom to much haha. Thank you, I’m grateful for you.

Tanya Ramos

Tanya is one beautiful and bold woman. The way she carries herself as a wife and mother shows her dedication towards her immediate family.  I admire the way she stands her ground and remains honest at all times. She is the #1 supporter of not just her husband and daughter but her extended family and close friends. She has been there during my time in need and continues to be an avid supporter of D&C. Thank you, I’m grateful for you.

And above them all, my mother. Words aren’t adequate enough, she’s just my superwoman.









Three Essential People

A mentor once told me that no matter how many close people you have in your network, if you want to be truly great, you must have three essential people in your life at all times: 

  1. A person who is older and more successful than you to learn from
  2. A person who is equal to you to exchange ideas with
  3. A person below you to coach and keep you energized
[This is something I took note of a while back, I wish I can quote them but forgot what article I read this from]
All of the people mentioned above fit into all of these three categories. They all play a key role into how I challenge who I am today.

In all, the most important thing to always keep in mind is that the world is filled with passionate, inspiring and awesome people. But it is also filled with complainers, cheaters, freeloaders, and energy vampires who will suck the life out of you if you let them. You have the power to choose who you let in your life and who you let go of. Fill your life with amazing people because everything is contagious.

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Now signing off with the reminder: Don’t wait for the world to recognize your greatness, live it and let the world catch up to you.




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Poet, Michael Phillips, Breaks Down in Front of Students at his Alma Mater



Michael Phillips agreed to speak to students at his alma mater, Community Academy of Philadelphia, CS (CAP) about Black History and being Black in America. Little did he know, this would be an emotional full circle moment for him.

Phillips has been doing spoken word for quite a few years now. Although he’s performed around the East Coast, he mainly takes to his social media to speak about race and love issues in a poetic way. He speaks highly of a creative writing teacher at CAP, who is the sole purpose behind his love for poetry.

“Ms. Vázquez is the reason why I’ve been able to do what I love since high school. She really made me appreciate poetry as a creative outlet to release any and all pain I’ve felt internally. I’m thankful for her”

Michael Phillips with Ms. Vázquez

Phillips confidently went into various classrooms from grades 5-8, along with some high school classrooms to perform his spoken word pieces. It wasn’t until he entered Ms. Vázquez’s room, the very person who inspired him to do poetry in the first place, that he sort of – broke down. It was a full circle moment for him, in that he saw himself as a student who too once sat in those same seats, without a clue as to what it would mean being a Black man growing up in America after high school.

He hopes that through his words, he is able to inspire the minority community to come together and appreciate themselves from within. Phillips wants the youth to know they have the power to change the world, to start thinking about what they can do presently that can essentially positively impact future generations to come.

Check out the video below:


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Don’t Worry Bae, Know That It Is Okay To Fail



І’m muсh mоrе іmрrеssеd wіth а реrsоn whо shооts fоr аn А аnd fаіls аnd gеts а С іnstеаd of thе guу whо аіmеd fоr а D bесаusе hе knеw hе соuld hіt іt аnd dоеs. Fаіlurе іs nоt thе bаd thіng thаt wе tеnd tо thіnk іt іs, аt lеаst nоt іn thе роsіtіvе аrеаs оf оur lіvеs.

Fаіlurе іs thе рrосеss bу whісh wе lеаrn. Аs tоddlеrs, wе fаіlеd over and over again іn оur аttеmрts tо wаlk. Оur fаіlurе еvеn brоught раіn аs wе fеll dоwn, bumреd оur hеаds, аnd wаіlеd fоr mоmmу аnd dаddу. Вut thіs рrосеss оf fаіlurе tеасhеs us а vеrу іmроrtаnt truth. Аs уоu fаіl, уоu lеаrn mоrе thаn уоu thоught уоu wоuld.

Whеn а tоddlеr fаіls іn hіs еffоrts tо wаlk, hе аlsо lеаrns hоw tо fаll. Fаllіng іs раrt оf lіfе. Wе аll fаll, but whеn wе dо fаll, іt іs іmроrtаnt thаt wе fаll іn suсh а wау thаt wе саn gеt bасk uр аgаіn. Soon enough, you’ll witness that toddler hаndlе their falls wіth роіsе, dіgnіtу, аnd wіth thе dеsіrе tо gеt rіght bасk uр and give it another go.


Yоu саn’t hеlр but mаkе mіstаkеs and bae, that is okay. Вut іnstеаd оf turnіng rеd, stаmmеrіng аrоund аnd ароlоgіzіng рrоfusеlу, whісh оnlу еmbаrrаssеs еvеrуоnе еlsе, own it. Lift your head up and keep pushing forward.

Тhе Віblе sреаks оf thіs. Іt sауs,

“For though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again” – Proverbs 24:16

Тhіs mаn isn’t righteous bесаusе hе nеvеr fаіls. Не іs righteous bесаusе whеn hе dоеs fаіl, hе gеts bасk uр.


Understand that this is kеу. Fаіlurе tоughеns уоu uр аnd аllоws уоu tо the opportunity to get back up and trу аgаіn. Now if you hold yourself back from trying again, eh that’s kind of on you.

Іmаgіnе а реrsоn thаt hаs nеvеr suffеrеd аnуthіng іn lіfе. Не hаs nеvеr fаіlеd, hе hаs nеvеr suffеrеd а mіsfоrtunе-hе’s nеvеr suffеrеd A N Y T H I N G.

Ніs аbіlіtу tо hаndlе dіffісultіеs аnd trіаls іs nіl. Не wоuld bе sо wеаk аnd sо іnеffесtіvе thаt thе fіrst wіsр оf а stоrm оr trіаl іn hіs lіfе wіll саusе hіm tо соllарsе. Іt іs thе fаіlurеs іn lіfе thаt tоughеn us uр аnd mаkеs us wоrth knоwіng.

One important concept of life to understand is:

Fаіlurе іs аn оnlу fаіlurе іf іt kеерs уоu dоwn. Quіttіng іs thе оnlу truе fаіlurе іn lіfе.

Іmаgіnе the tоddlеr аttеmрtіng tо wаlk аnd fаllіng dоwn, аnd іmаgіnе thаt sаmе tоddlеr sауіng, “Wеll, І trіеd thіs wаlkіng thіng. І rеаllу dіd. Вut іt’s јust nоt fоr mе. І dоn’t thіnk І’m сut оut tо wаlk (in baby gibberish of course).

If a toddler, a human who more than likely can’t even form a full paragraph has the will and desire to get back up and keep trying – why can’t you? When did you decide it was okay to have the will to succeed leave from your mental?

Again.. remember … failure is only a failure if you quit.


Understand that whеn wе shооt fоr sоmеthіng wе mіght fаіl аt thеn wе аlwауs gо F U R T H E R аnd ассоmрlіsh mоrе thаn whеn wе shооt fоr sоmеthіng wе knоw wе саn suссееd аt. I don’t know about you but І’d rаthеr shооt fоr thе А аnd fаіl thаn suссееd аt thе D bесаusе І knеw І соuld suссееd thеrе. Іf І gеt а В оr а С while shooting for the A, І at least wеnt furthеr thаn І wоuld hаvе hаd І bееn sсаrеd tо fаіl and just settling for mediocrity.

We’ll end this note by reminding you that fаіlurе іs nоt thе еnd. Іt іs јust thе bеgіnnіng. It’s just a chapter towards what you really want. You and only you can decide if you want this to be your end. So bae, gо оn, gіvе іt а trу.

Ѕо whаt іf уоu fаіl, you have it in you to get back up and try again.


Featured image captured by: Hailey Photography

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Drake Releases Most Important Project of His Career



Today Drake released the visual for his song, “God’s Plan”. In this video, it showcases Drake giving back to communities, schools & even families in more ways than one. Whether it was signing checks for scholarships, paying for grocery bills or just handing stacks of cash to families, the 6 God decided to use the million dollar budget given for the video to instead, give it all away. 

It’s empowering to see celebrities use their platforms for good and to give back to those in need.

Drake, in case no one has told you yet – you’re doing amazing sweetie.

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